Saturday, February 4, 2012

Relaxing Villa Jasmine in Ischia,Italy

There are people that prefer the hot season and those who love the coldest season. Many people prefer the hot, sunny days, to go to the sandy beaches and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of this hot season. For the contrary, there are others who love snow, the magic atmosphere created by the icy shapes that appear on the windows and the cold nights spent in front of a fireplace.
If you love the energizing summer then you are not so enchanted by the arrival of winter which seems to get closer and closer. For those who are nostalgic about the sunny days and prefer a relaxing place where they can enjoy all the pleasures of summer they can think of a great place called Villa Jasmine.
On the top of the floor there is the tower bedroom that offers you great views of the sea, garden and pool areas. Here you can enjoy unforgettable moments outside while you take advantage of the wonderful outdoor cooking and dining area.
It looks like a tower of those old times and it is located in the centre of Island of Ischia, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. This wonderful villa represents a property which covers 10,000 square foot and it is a four-storey tower where you can find everything your heart desires. It has several guest houses, great garden and pool area, an outdoor barbecue and pizza area, and a series of bedrooms and living room spaces connected by an elevator.
Inside of each space you will notice the contrast made by the white walls which some of them have an arched shape and other spots of vibrant and fresh colors. The elegant glass tables that appear all other the place, the rustic elements and the splendid terraces are some other features of this charming place which is great for a fantastic holiday

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